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Making the Healing Easier for Liz

Bellaire, TX


Hi Everyone, As everyone know, Liz will be having her surgery on Tuesday, Feb 6th. I know from past experience Liz is going to need help for at least the next 2 weeks and meals is always the best help for everyone while recovering. Especially when you have kids! 😀 Below are the foods they like and dislike, if you could take a few moments to sign up and if can let everyone know what you are sending (so we don’t have duplicate food the next day) that would be great. I know how much Liz and the kids will appreciate it.

Special Notes

Family Favorite restaurants: *Candelari’s - cheese pizza, spaghetti w out meat sauce, margarita pizza *Collina’s Italian - cheese pizza, their bread, spaghetti w/o meat sauce, chicken caesar salad, margarita pizza *Beck’s Prime - best loaded baked potato *The Original Carrabbas (they have diff menus for Kirby and Voss versus every other carrrabbas) - Insalata carraba, pasta carrabba *Lupe Tortilla- chicken quesadillas w/o pico *Chipotle- burrito bowls- rice, black beans, grilled chicken, cheese and avocado/guacamole on the side *Cafe express- love their spinach, strawberry spinach salad, grilled chicken pita Chick Fil A - chicken nuggets w/chick fil a sauce and fries *We like spinach salads, fresh strawberries, raspberries, grilled chicken kabobs w jasmine rice, grilled chicken bites for the kids Hummus and pita, sweet potato fries, Jack loves all beef hot dogs Everyone Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies *Foods kids love: Raising Canes chicken fingers and fries Please include at the top of special notes that I have a shellfish allergy. Places and type of food to avoid: Liz is allergic to Shellfish PF Chang’s (their food is cooked almost exclusively in an oyster based sauce) Any BBQ place A lot of seafood places because of cross contamination Indian food Anything spicy Anything w pesto needs to have pesto on the side

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