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Meal Train for Sue W

Newport Beach, CA


This page is being started to help get a meal train going to help nourish/feed Sue back to health and vitality, as well as her daughters! Please be prepared to feed 3! Per Sue: I think just one meal a day is fine. We don’t eat much breakfast and lunch is easy. No allergies or restrictions. As far as what we like: big salads with a protein in it. We have plenty of dressing so that’s not needed. Love dinners with any protein (fish or meat) and any veggies except maybe broccoli (!!!). Love Mexican food, Greek food, pasta, all types of Asian. We don’t eat much bread.

Special Notes

I asked nutritionist Julie Hefner what she thought was the "healthiest" restaurants to get food if cooking is also not your forte! Here was her list: Greenleaf Mothers, WholeFoods, Bristol Farms Santa Monica Seafood Panini Grill or My Greek Kitchen True Foods Cava Flower Child Ho Sum Bistro (dress on side!) Bear Flag Bamboo Bistro (cdm)

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