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Healing for Mama 💜

Hershey, PA


My Mom had had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago. She has been strugglingwith her health almost a year now. She has had to quit her job due to getting diagnosed with chronic illness. She has always put us kids first and making sure everyone around her is taken care of before herself. Between all of us, we have been doing good taking care of everything, but we really could use some help from our friends and family. She had such a setback with healing & she is still having to not do any lifting, twisting or bending and resting as much as she can. My Dad is the chef of the house and he always make sure food is done or take out is on the way but he is working so hard to keep theirs heads above water this is also to help him. He is a night shift worker so on the days he's taking my mom to appointments or taking care of things my Mom usually would just taking a meal and or donations off of his mind knowing his family is fed is something I really want to do. Also to help keep take out bill to a minimum for them. I'm reaching out for help to make this happen. I'm on my own now working to become a nurse and want to be able to do everything to help my parents so I'm hoping to have family and friends of ours to help me make this come true to help them while my Mom is kn this journey of healing. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read. Also I'm excited to share this with her. She has a birthday coming up. Jan 24th Kailee

Special Notes

Shellfish allergy. I wanted to add how much my brother Kyler, who's still at home in his senior year of high school and starting an internship at Chocolate World, is helping her. He's got this bug year ahead of him and still taking the time to take care of our Mama.

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