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Loving the Carter Family through COVID

Fort Worth, TX


Let's all show the Carter family some love as they are walking through COVID right now. Chris was admitted to the hospital this past Thursday, and the doctors have told him he will be there through the weekend. Ashley is sick as well as several of their kiddos. Let's show them some love by taking care of meals for them!  Their younger kiddos are cramped up inside as well quarantining. So if you think of some fun low key ideas to entertain a 4 year old girl and 7-9 year old boys, that would help a bunch as well (coloring books, puzzles, card games, etc)! All of your prayers are felt and greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Special Notes

*A couple family members have sensitivity to yellow dye. If you can avoid anything that screams yellow, but don't worry too much! *Also no red onions please :) *Always safe with the kiddos to put any vegetables on the side instead of in the main course. Thank you all so much!!

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