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Dave had surgery, let's keep him fed!!

Candler, NC


Hoping to coordinate some meals and/or Sadie walks for Dave and Marta for the next 2-weeks while he recovers from his surgery! Dave's surgery is Monday, February 19th. The suggested care below is VERY flexible! If you want to bring desserts, breakfast casserole, lunch, etc. - below is just so you can claim a day. Dave also mentioned simply popping in to say hello would be great. --------------------------------------- From Dave's Facebook post: A massive send ran me off trail. Result was a log clapping my ankle. Broken fibula and all kinds of ligament damage. I’m eternally grateful for my love Marta Kl for carrying me through this pain. Driving me to all my doctors, helping me with stairs, playing with Sadie, cooking tasty meals. She really is a super hero. Surgery is on Monday (February 19th), keep me in your prayers 🙏🏼

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