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Supporting the Petricca’s during Julie’s second ankle surgery in 3 months

Bartlett, IL


Thank you for helping the Petricca family during this trying time. For anyone who is not aware, Julie had complicated ankle surgery in September to repair torn tendons and ligaments that left her with 3 incisions requiring 48 stitches. She was non-weight-bearing for almost 6 weeks. When she started partially weight-bearing, it seemed to stop improving, and she started having unusual pain and swelling. She decided to get a second opinion, at which point an MRI was done showing more problems than before the surgery. The only option at that point was to do a revision surgery, during which they will have to drill into bone to secure the failed attachments from prior surgery. Unfortunately that means she has to start all over again. Julie is going to be off of her feet completely for at least 3 weeks, and then on crutches for another 2-4 weeks. During her recovery she is 100% dependent on Tony, who in addition to taking care of her, he also has to take on all the house chores, transporting the kids to their many activities and events, and school for all 3 kids, PLUS working full time, so if it’s possible to make it so he doesn’t have to worry about cooking for five people every day, that would be an immense relief!

Special Notes

The Petricca’s are not picky! Their favorite meals include sweet and sour chicken and fried rice from a local Chinese restaurant, Cane’s chicken, and Jersey Mikes.

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