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Help for the Ferguson Family

Saint Paul, MN


The Ferguson family has had a rough go of it lately! Courtney recently had unexpected surgery to remove a kidney stone and a retained gallstone and meanwhile Chris has been dealing with a mysterious GI issue causing daily aggressive vomiting. He has had two ER visits that yielded no answers but will finally be seeing GI to get an endoscope. Meanwhile, they are also dealing with ongoing mental health concerns (Chris was supposed to start ECT which had to be delayed due to his other health issues!) and the usual life stress. It’s especially challenging to deal with these kinds of obstacles during a pandemic so this page will help coordinate help to get them through this challenging time!  

Special Notes

Please exercise Covid 19 precautions! Laundry pick up/drop offs and meal deliveries will be contactless utilizing The screened in porch. If you sign up for a task that does not allow for social distancing please make sure to wear a mask! For food preferences please keep things milder and no mushrooms or olives! 

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