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Roman "Saga" support page

Denton, TX


Hello everyone and thank for your prayers and support during this time! If you're here then you know my dad and know he has had approximately a billion surgeries. However, this one was pretty rough. My dad recently had a heart attack and needed a quadruple bypass surgery unfortunately prior he had an antibiotic spacer in preperation for a hip replacement and during the heart attack fell on his bad leg breaking his femur. This means his mobility is very limited and will need assistance for the 6 weeks until his hip can be replaced and his chest is healed. Myself and his other daughter Priscilla will be taking turns staying with him while both working full time jobs. Any help with meals would be greatly appreciated! Visitors are also welcome but will need to be communicated as his physical therapy will be at home as well as his nurse for his PICC line. All Visitors must be vaccinated with absolutely no exceptions, he is immmunocomprimised and although vaccinated I'm not risking it. He cannot get up without assistance so please be aware when visiting. Also there are some "adult care" blocks where Priscilla and I will both be at work and since my family is so big those are great times to hang out and keep him company.

Special Notes

We are really trying to embrace the heart healthy lifestyle. Nothing high in fat, fried, or spicy allowed. This means mostly lean meats, fish, vegetables, and low sugar sweets. If you are going to have food delivered by a third party let us know so someone can bring it in.

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