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Emily's Helping Hands

West linn, OR


Thank you for volunteering your time to help the women of Emily's Helping Hands. There is no gift more precious than empowering a woman to live again. Before Emily's Helping hands, most of these women lost everything to a debilitating chronic illness. Their careers, their identities and hobbies, their hopes of independence, and even their ability to be a mother to their children in ways they need. They lived everyday as a hollowed shell. So when you see smiling faces as you deliver your meals to others, know this is only possible because of you. Your helping hands lift the things that crush these women the most and allow them to truly thrive.

Special Notes

We are hoping to find a familiar face, who stays pretty well isolated from covid, to fill in for Courtney’s friend who has been helping her with cleaning on a daily basis. This friend has not been able to help since last Saturday, and is presently on bedrest. It is not yet known when she can return to helping. 

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