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Meal Train for the Scott Wadley Family ❤️

Dodge City, KS


The Scott Wadley Family needs your help! Scott has been diagnosed with Kidney failure and is currently receiving dialysis nightly at home. This started April 2022 while he was still employed full time for the Dodge City Fire Department as a Fire Engineer. However, employment came to a stop on December 6, 2023, when Scott was unable to pass the fire department's physical agility test due to his left shoulder which has major arthritis, and has caused him to not be able to lift a ventilation fan above his head. At this time, Scott is working on getting disability for a few months and then plans to retire fully from the fire department on April 1, 2024. Scott is out of work for the time being, and is at home with his family. He cannot work right now due to his shoulder. The disability has not been finalized yet and they have no more income coming in. Scott's last pay check will be this Friday, January 12th. Because of these circumstances, we ask for your support in the most loving way by offering up positive thoughts, prayers, and providing a simple meal for the Scott Wadley Family in their time of need. Scott and his wife Karen do have children in the home, as a family of six (at times) Please sign up and let's help one of our local first responder's that now needs our HELP!

Special Notes

Digital and/or physical gift cards are welcome to assist with groceries and household essentials for the family.

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