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Support Patti LaFleur, Care Partner to her Mom who has Broken her Hip

Auburn, WA


Patti is an integral part of the I-Ally community for millennial family caregivers. She is care partner to her mom who has dementia and type 1 diabetes. Her mom has broken her hip, and is in the hospital for at least several more days. As we all know, being a care partner is already an enormous responsibility, and in Patti's case, a labor of love. When something like a hip break and hospital stay occurs, it can add so much more stress and anxiety. This can come in the form of anxiety about her mother's health, to finances, all the way to something that seems insignificant like what to eat for dinner. So let's take as much of the burden away from Patti as we can by offering money, gift cards, dinner, supplies for activities with her mom, etc. You can claim a certain day on her care calendar -- take care of dinner for that day. Someone else grab the next day. Message me, Lucinda Koza, if you have any questions at all about what to do.

Special Notes

The hospital won't allow visitors or gifts sent there.

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