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Sawyer has a LONG recovery ahead of him. Lets help the Coles by supplying meals

Grand Bay, AL


The Cole Family is very dear to our hearts, we love them as if they were our own family. This past Monday, Sawyer had an accident while at the trampoline park, that resulted in him breaking both arms at the elbow. On the 16th Sawyer had surgery that included having two pins in each of his arms. He's a strong little man and is in good spirits, but he cannot do anything for himself. Lets all pull together and help the Cole Family out by supplying them some meals for the next two weeks. This is the time frame that has been given to me, if they change their minds we will add more days to the calendar. Thank you all for your support, I know this will relieve some stress off of Laura.

Special Notes

These are just a few ideas. The Coles are not picky eaters. Sawyers favorite is spaghetti. They all enjoy Mexican (tacos and chicken quesadillas), fried rice with yum yum sauce, lasagna, red beans and rice, hamburgers, bbq ribs or chicken, Chic-fil-a and Foosacklys. If you choose Foosacklys Laura likes the salads with ranch dressing and a side of buffalo sauce, the guys (Doug, Dillon and Sawyer) like the strips and fries with kung foo and foo sauce.

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