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Help the Willis family rebuild!

Bradenton, FL


At 5:36am on January 16th the Willis family was awakened by a smoke alarm. Not thinking much of it because they had baked something the night before they could’ve possibly triggered it. They considered hitting this button and going back to sleep. Terrence and Kacee got up and on the other side of their home was orange and screams of, “there’s a fire get out!!!!!!!” Kacee grabbed their youngest daughter Tierney and escaped the house, Their older daughters Cailyn and Desha pulled their grandson Jeremiah out of bed while Terrence ran to the fire with a fire extinguisher. A large, commercial fire extinguisher. It was too much and he had to leave the fire behind. The extinguisher had run out and the smoke had overtaken him. They stood in the road and watched and listened as their home popped and broke and burnt and everything that 7 people have ever known was gone in a blink of an eye! Nothing is salvageable and they will need to rebuild completely. They will be displaced from their home for approximately 12 months. They will still have a mortgage payment and need to rent a home. Today I lost everything that wasn’t life. EVERYTHING! Everything under my roof that made up the lives of 7 of us is gone. But I’m going to tell you this, I have lost all of my possessions and am the most blessed woman on this planet. The blessings are endless. I lay here right now surrounded by love, my children and grandchildren alive, laying here holding Tierney all while I’ve lost allllllllll of my possessions and my home and I cry often because of that but I shed tears for how very blessed I am. - Kacee Willis

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