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Helping Christy Recover

Kent, OH


Our friend Christy is always the first person to offer help to others. Now, we get to pay her back for all she does for us. On February 19th Christy will have surgery. We would like to help make her recovery easier. If you can’t help physically, consider sending a gift card to help with dinner or gas/grocery costs. Thank you for your help! You may need to sign up for an account before it will let you see all the details. (We’re a work in progress. 😬)

Special Notes

Christy eats a plant based diet (no meat, no dairy, and gluten free) so InstaCart gift cards may be the easiest for her. Paul, Rylynne, and Sam will eat just about anything. For Mama Brady, during the week : Tuesday and Thursday is just a meal drop off. Friday is a meal and being there while she showers (no physical help needed). Sunday she needs her medication, a meal, and maybe a few dishes & trash removal.

Care Calendar