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Visa Gift Card (Baby Shoes Design)



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The Baby Shoes Visa Gift Card makes a wonderful gifts for parents of newborns. The graphics are newborn-inspired and enable parents to choose items they like best.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it allows for last minute purchases of things left off a registry. New parents can't possibly know exactly what they need until they need it. One Give InKind editor (*ahem* ) super conscientiously bought lots of door jam stoppers and outlet protectors for her non-mobile newborn - but somehow forgot to get enough onesies. For this reason, newborn registries - while super fun - are never comprehensive. This is a great way to make up shortfalls for things that are unanticipated (say, a bottle with a special nipple) or simply forgotten.

What To Say In Your Card: What else you need? Go get it! Thinking of you and excited to meet your little one.

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