Talkspace Online Therapy Gift Card

on Talkspace Online Therapy

Using Talkspace gift cards, you can now provide someone you love critical access to convenient mental health services. For someone facing a crisis or a chronic situation easy access to a trained mental health professional is a game-changer. Recipients are matched with a therapist able to respond to their specific situation using text, Skype, or other relevant digital platforms. For a veteran with PTSD, for a loved one coping with addiction, for a new mother grappling with postpartum depression, a Talkspace card can bridge the critical gap between despair and necessary care.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it's such a gentle way to say that there's always someone available to listen. Therapy is so vital to so many in trying times. And yet, for many it is so difficult to afford. This is one way to anticipate and quietly cover the needs of a loved one.

What To Express in Your Card: I love you.


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