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Loss of Job: Top Five Gifts for Single Parents in a Gig Economy

Give InKind spoke to single parents tasked with managing the trifecta of childcare, economic insecurity, and the general stress of life. It’s important to emphasize that while problems a single parent may face can feel overwhelming (and amplified by solitude), it is precisely this combination that lends seemingly small acts a certain weight of grace and mercy. Remember that single parents often operate in something of a void and that any help is received as a welcomed surprise behind closed doors where any garden variety stress (i.e. homework) is likely to be exacerbated by financial insecurity.

Our survey revealed that these are the top five most useful gifts for a single parent managing job loss and underemployment in a gig economy.

Other things that are appreciated are texts that say “I love you," calls to say “I miss you," or postcards that say “I got you." Solidifying community when solo parenting is many small acts and seemingly tiny gestures that, when calculated together, tip the scale in positive ways impossible to fully quantify. 

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