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Supporting Ellen and family

Sandusky, OH


It all began when Wilson's leg went out from under him when he was at BGSU a while ago. He was unable to walk or put any weight on it and eventually, he was unable to walk on it at all. Ellen took him to her family doctor who immediately referred them to a specialist. After numerous MRIs, tests, etc, it was determined that Wilson needed back surgery immediately. Upon coming out of anesthesia, Wilson had a difficult time, and it was then that doctors suspected something was off. Although they are not definite, it appears that Wilson had a spinal stroke (whether that happened during surgery or after is unclear). Currently, he has no use of his legs. Doctors are recommending that he move to either Metro in Cleveland or go to a place in AnnArbor/Detroit where they specialize in care/rehabilitation. The next six months are critical. For those of us who love Wilson and want to support the family during this challenging time, I have created this page where I can post updates and where you can support the family.

Special Notes

1. Ellen and her family will be on the go and they never know when for sure they will be home, so helping with meals is probably easiest if done through gift cards. You can purchase a gift card from this website by clicking on "wishlist" below. Berardis, The Brass Pelican, Landmark, and Barra are all local favorites (GrubHub or Doordash might work for those, although I'm not sure). I know Chic-Fil-A is a favorite too. Sammy has his license and is able to drive, so gift cards might be the easiest option for him to grab a meal on the go. These cards are delivered right to Ellen's email. 2. If you'd like to just support the family monetarily, Ellen's Venmo is @Ellen-Sturzinger